We often get asked about the heavy cost of lost or replaced car keys for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. We will briefly explain

This is a very controversial topic, as we are hearing all types of negative perceptions in the media regarding Range Rover vehicles and the vulnerability surrounding thefts of such keyless vehicles.

Now, in our Jaguar Land Rover Group, vehicles are very secure, providing the owners with Lock and secure their vehicles using the dead lock function on the remote by pressing the lock button twice until you hear a beep. This sets the alarm and dead locks the car.

Cars produced after 2015 have an encrypted keyless vehicle module, aka KVM, which is one-time programming. This is very secure and does not allow key programming unless an auto locksmith or main dealer uses high-tech tools.

For key programming to take place, an Auto locksmith must do the following:

on later models 2018+

The body control module must also be changed, and genuine PEPS keys must be used if the car is equipped with UWB. Ultra-wide band and keysless entry

For the above reasons, the key programming process is a lengthy and complex task, and parts are in high demand and short supply due to backlogs.

For example, a spare key for a Range Rover Evoque equipped with keyless entry from the main dealer could set you back in excess of £3500 plus VAT.

This can leave owners put off or even out of pocket. We can provide the same service at a fraction of the cost, which is why we always recommend having a spare key for your vehicle.

If you are a Jaguar or Land Rover owner and you are thinking of adding a additional key to your car don't hesitate to get in touch our friendly staff are always willing to help & assist  you with any concerns or questions you have