Mini Cooper 2016 model Spare key added 

Mini vehicles have a similar platform as BMW cars, and due to this nature, they have a very complex method of adding additional keys. This is even more complex if all keys have been lost or damaged beyond repair. For this reason, we always highly recommend that owners of such vehicles obtain a spare key.

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Recent Job completed for adding Spare car key for Vauxhall Insignia 2016 for Local car Dealer 

Some Vauxhall/Opel car keys can be added relatively easily via the vehicle's on-board diagnostic port; however, in the case of lost keys, this process becomes prolonged due to locks having to be picked and decoded and the vehicle's unique pin code having to be extracted from the ECU computer in order to allow the key programming process to take place.

Mercedes spare key added 

we offer mercedes key programming including 

Mercedes-Benz key programming models covered up to 2015 after 2015 keys must be obtained from the Mercedes main dealer